Faculty Development Programme conducted at SHOBHIT UNIVERSITY, MEERUT by Prof Binod Kumar, Chairman, NCTE Northen Region & Former Professor, IIM Calcutta)

Faculty Development Programme - Shobhit University, Meerut

Faculty Development Programme - Shobhit University, Meerut

A Three-day Faculty Developmenmt Programme being held at Shobhit University, Meerut.

The Pro-Chancellor of the University, Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra, extended a hearty welcome to the teacher trainer Prof Binod Kumar, Chairman, NCTE Northen Region & Former Professor, IIM Calcutta) and talked about the efficacy of value addition to the faculty members of the University. Narrating a mythical story, he advised the teachers to be ‘teachers’. He also motivated the faculty members to derive the best out of the programme.

During the programme, Prof Binod Kumar, at the very outset, discussed the higher education system in India. He referred to the educational scenario in India under the British rule, and then explained the motive of the English in accordance with the Macaulay’s Minutes, and finally described the system of education in the present era. He compared the education system of India with that of various other countries like the USA, the UK, Ukraine, China, Vietnam, and others, and emphasized that India can be one of the superpowers in the area of education in the times to come.

Prof Kumar inspired and motivated the faculty members to work as a team for better results. He divided the faculty members into different teams and assigned a task to carry out. The task was to give points out of hundred to different variables related to the aspects of the personality of a teacher, viz., KASHME (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Habit, Mindset, Enthusiasm/Energy/Application Orientation). All the teams performed well and he appreciated the members of all the teams to be of world-class because all the teams showed the results shown by world-class teams of different countries. Delivering an interesting as well as interactive lecture on ‘Achieving and Integrating Personal and Professional Excellence’, he explicated the various factors influencing the basic assumptions of the personality and behaviour of a teacher. He also discussed the types of teachers. Focusing on the need to ‘Add Life to Your Years & Years to Your Life’ he added that there is a requisite of positive attitude, positive mindset, enthusiasm and application orientation, various skills and good habit to be excellent in the field of teaching. He elucidated the need of being flexible and updated in accordance with the requirement of the educational scenario. In addition he conducted a test of mindset in six teams by assigning worksheets having questions on positive and negative mindsets. The team named ASVG surpassed all other teams by getting the highest score on the questionnaire testing positive mindset in negative situation and prized to be the best among the teams not only in the University but in the whole world because even world-class teams remained low in score on the same questionnaire. He asserted that all or some of the members of the team must have performed or may perform well to excel even in the most adverse circumstances.

Prof Binod Kumar guided the participants in using the right approach, appropriate methods, and advanced technology of teaching professional courses. He taught the participants how to learn continuously and teach skilfully. He also inspired all to be an incessant and curious learner throughout the career and continue to update their knowledge & skills to excel in the profession of teaching. He stated that some are teachers by compulsion, some by profession, and some by passion for teaching. The third one he considered to be the best among all.

All the teachers were provided with an opportunity to teach among teachers and trainers. Each of them had to teach any topic of his/her area of specialization within a very short span of time, five minutes only. They were free to use simple visual techniques or advanced ones or sometimes simply lecture methods. During the teaching of each of the participants, the trainer kept meticulously evaluating the approaches, methods and techniques of teaching adopted and applied by the trainees. At the same time, he continued to note down the points, for the sake of proper feedback of teaching, where the teachers outshined or faltered due to some blocks of their personality. In this way he provided them all with a mirror to see their own loopholes as well as their qualities and strengths. All the participants enjoyed the session well although some were stressed in the beginning. But all went well. A video recording of the same was done so that the teachers must come to know the various blocks in their own personality at the time of teaching.

After the teaching session had come to a close, in an optimistic manner Prof Kumar offered the teachers a critical analysis of their overall teaching behaviour. All the teachers came to know something new about their own teaching behaviour, analysed their own psyche, and they positively reflected upon what they had never done before, their own lacunae and stumbling blocks in teaching. They are certainly going to remove their blocks and improve and develop to be better than the best of teachers in the world.

During the Three-day Faculty Development Programme, Prof Kumar covered different areas related to teaching and learning. While discussing Model for Achieving Personal & Professional Excellence he explicated basic assumptions, factors influencing the same before birth and after birth, where do basic assumptions lead to, mindsets – both positive and negative, and types of personality, its drives and results in negative and positive orientation. He also discussed different personality blocks and types of behaviour along with the factors influencing excellence and the impact of excellence on personal, family, and professional life of a teacher. At the time of discussing Transactional Analysis developed by Eric Berne, he explained the ego state profile, in simple terms personality profile, of persons quoting exemplary and illustrious personalities from the legends of different religions. He also gave tips for knowing ones own personality profile with the help of questionnaires, worksheets, and handouts prepared by him. He elucidated basic life positions on the basis of their transactional analysis. On the basis of communication and life script, he did psychoanalysis of the trainees. In lack of time one topic titled Johari Window remained to be discussed in future.

After the feedback session, Prof Kumar appreciated all the participating teachers and termed them to be ‘world-class teacher’ and felt proud to train such a dynamic team of Shobhit University. He wished them all success in achieving the outstanding position among well known academicians of all the reputed institutions of the world. Along with that he awarded all the participants with certificates of participation in such an excellent and productive training and development session.

Speaking on the occasion of valedictory of the whole programme, the Pro-Chancellor of the University, Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra, thanked and appreciated the trainer, and shared his own life experiences with all the members present and narrated a fascinating tale of his own learning behaviour in reference to the chronicles of Shobhit University. He metaphorically appreciated all the trainees for their endeavour to excel as a Shobhit UniversityTeam. He inspired and motivated all the members to be aspiration-driven and goal-oriented.

The Registrar of the University, Brig SK Sareen, extended a vote thanks to the trainer and participants along with other guests of honour and dignitaries. All the directors of different schools of the University were present to grace the occasion.

Overall the programme proved to be a grand success with apparent change in the behaviour of the participants. In reality it left an indelible imprint on the mindset and psyche of the Shobhitian Team. It came to a close with the presentation of memento to the respected trainer, Prof Binod Kumar by Prof. PP Singh, DG Corporate Office of Shobhit University.


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